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Escape Room Mons

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a game where they physically lock you up in a room. The goal is to escape by solving puzzles inside the timeframe of one hour.
These games are so challenging that only a fraction of the groups that play make it out without any help.
These games are a good teambuilding exercise because they require trust, teamwork and deliberation to come to a solution quickly

You play the game with a group of friends or colleagues. By working well together you increase the chance to escape, because you can come to a solution more quickly.

What makes this unique?

The escape room, unlike most activities, is a thinking game. The thrill of the challenge, the ticking clock and the suspenseful music really give you the sensation that you’re in a rollercoaster.

You will experience all kinds of emotions. From stress to happiness, from defeat to victory: you will experience it all! You will be so into the story that you will forget your real life for a moment.

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