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Escape Room Mons

007 James Bond Escape Room

007 James Bond

Bond has retired from active duty to enjoy a peaceful life exploring the beaches of Jamaica. However, his retirement is rather short-lived as he’s visited by his old friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter. Leiter needs Bond’s help for a seemingly straightforward task. His final mission consists of him rescuing a kidnapped scientist. After rescuing […]

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Marilyn Monroe

It is 5 August 1962. This particular day dawned gloomy and overcast. Heavy drops of water were drumming against the windows. It is 4:25 A.M. The sharp sound of a ringing phone wakes you up. The words you hear next give you a truly rude awakening. “Marilyn Monroe is dead. She killed herself.” An hour […]

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Marilyn Monroe Escape Room
Las Vegas Casino Escape Room

Las Vegas Casino

A few years ago you and your business partner were running a successful enterprise. Everything was running smoothly up until the moment your business decided that you have become obsolete. Through a lie he told he was able to get you thrown in prison for several years. Those years have passed and you finally completed […]

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