Escape Room Mons
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Las Vegas Casino

Escape Room Mons

A few years ago you and your business partner were running a successful enterprise. Everything was running smoothly up until the moment your business decided that you have become obsolete. Through a lie he told he was able to get you thrown in prison for several years. Those years have passed and you finally completed your punishment. Your ex-partner has profited from your absence, seeing as he’s now the proud owner of a big casino in Las Vegas. His playtime is over now as you’re about to take revenge.

You have gathered a group of well-skilled brainiacs willing to do the seemingly impossible thing. Robbing your ex-partner and steal as much money as you possibly can. You’ve created a flawless plan, you gathered all your men. However, right as you show up at the casino you realize you forgot one important thing…

In exactly one hour police will show up at the casino, hurry up and take as much as you can before they arrive!

January 2022
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